Welcome to the Online Session Guide for the COMMON 2017 Annual Meeting and Exposition. With your free account, you will be able to create a personal schedule, connect with other attendees, take session evaluations and download handouts.

Please note: the log in information for the Online Session Guide is different than your Cosmo ID and password. If you have an Online Session Guide account from a past COMMON event, please use it to log in. If you do not have an account, set up one here.
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DO IT with DBU - RDB Connect - SQL/Pro and more!

Gain secure access to ALL of your company's data from ANY network-connected device with DBU WEB.
Access DBU from a sleek, intuitive graphical interface from your favorite web browser or thru the RDi development environment.

Take it even further and integrate RDB Connect to programmatically access data outside IBM i. Once you have it, drill down with SQL/Pro.

ProData provides all the programming utilities you need to get the job done!


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